FAQ Section

Thank you for adopting a pet! We’re here to help you every step of the way from “just looking” at over 300,000 adoptable pets, to bringing your pet home, to living a long and happy life with your new family member.

How much is it to adopt a puppy?

The adoption fee for most of our puppies is approximately $300. Some older dogs have a slightly less adoption fee

What is included in the adoption fee?

It includes their spay/neuter, all of their puppies series vaccinations, a microchip, plus a coupon book from Petsmart with over $250 worth of coupons.

Can I choose not to have my new puppy spayed/neutered?

No. All dogs adopted from Freedom Tails Rescue MUST be spayed/neutered and until they are they remain as a foster to adopt status with our rescue. If you do not have them fixed we have to right to reclaim the dog.

If I decide the dog I adopt is not for me can I rehome it on a site such as craigslist?

No, by adopting from Freedom Tails Rescue you agree that if you cannot care for the dog it must be returned to our rescue (adoption fees are non-refundable)

Do you know exactly what breed the dogs are?

As most of the dogs we have are saved from shelters with no previous owner information or puppies from stray dogs there is no way we can guarantee breed but we can give you an approximate breed based on what history we do have from the dog.

I have newly adopted a puppy from the rescue and my vet has offered to give it their shots. Will I be reimbursed if my vet does them?

Puppies series vaccines are included in the adoption price but must be done by a Freedom Tails Rescue Veterinary Technician. If you opt to have your vet do them, you are responsible for the cost and must make us aware and provide proof so we can update their shot records. We do not recommend that you pay your vet for them and that you visit us at scheduled vaccine times.

I have a newly adopted a puppy and I want my vet to do the spay/neuter procedure instead of the facility you have instructed me too take them to. Will I be reimbursed?

No. We partner with certain facilities for spay/neuter and all dogs must be taken to one that we have a payment agreement with. If you take them to your vet for this, you void the free spay/neuter that was offered at adoption.

Do I have to keep the name of the puppy I adopt?

No. We name our puppies when they arrive in foster just to keep them straight on paperwork. Once the puppy is yours, you are free to give it the most adorable name you can imagine. They will learn it.

Is there any reason you will not take back a dog after it has been adopted?

No. If you KNOWINGLY return a dog to us that has bit or injured someone and fail to tell us, causing one of our volunteers or another dog to be injured, legal action can be taken. Please make us FULLY aware of the reasons you are returning the dog.