Freedom Tails Rescue needs foster homes for the animals that they save. Since most rescues are foster-only with no shelter facility, foster homes are the lifeblood of rescue groups. Without new foster homes, the number of animals that can be saved is limited. When you give a homeless pet a temporary home you are truly saving a life. Some animals may need a few weeks to recover from spay/neuter surgery, or a place to hang out until they heal. Puppies are usually fostered until adopted and the time can vary depending on the age of the babies when they go into foster care. Some dogs need a home until they find their forever home, a place where they can learn some basics like house training, what it is like to have a family, and simple manners that will make them more adoptable. A foster can be someone who works, stays at home, is older or young, has kids or is single, as a big house and yard or an apartment. The main qualification is love! We will match you to an animal that suits the way you live. While being a foster involves some work, it is incredibly rewarding, as you see a scared or skinny little animal blossom under your care. Freedom Tails Rescue will cover veterinary expenses and, in some cases, special diets and medications provide food when available and crates . You should be prepared to furnish good quality food, a clean place to sleep, and lots of love.
The following are general requirements to become a foster home
  • You must be at least 18 years old and a resident in Arizona.
  • If you have a yard where a dog will be allowed to exercise, the fencing must be in good repair with no holes or broken gates where a dog could escape.
  • While the rescue group will cover veterinary costs, if an animal becomes ill while you are caring for it, you would need to be able to transport the animal to the vet clinic if needed.
  • If you are renting your current residence, landlord approval would be required before you could take a foster animal.
  • Fill out a foster application today, and we’ll match you with a homeless pet who needs you very much!